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Fish the Pristine waters of the St Mary's river

St Marys River Sault Ste. Marie

Located in the heart of the Twin Soo's is the paradox of any fisherman's imagination, the St Mary's River . Plentiful varieties of fish species including Steelhead, Salmon, Walleye, and Trout all call the powerful and unique river home. 

The St Mary's River is the door front of Lake Superior and the only connecting body from Lake Superior to Lake Huron. This makes for a fisherman's and tourists paradise. With breathtaking views of the famous St Mary's Rapid's and 1000' Great Lakes shipping freighters. The St Mary's river is quite unlike any fishing experience in the world. Experience this beautiful river and its inhabitants in our 21 ft. Wooldridge Jet Boat, with an optional heated cabin.

Meet Your Guide 

Steelhead Fishing

Meet the guide himself, Ben Henderson! 

Ben is well-liked and well-respected local business owner, family man, and fisherman. Ben has years of experience perfecting his craft in the pursuit of steelhead and salmon on the St. Mary's river. Ben believes there is no bad day on the river and takes joy in putting a hard earned fish in the hands of deserved fisherman. 

Ben says, "Fishing is more about the experience and less about the catching. At the end of the day, the experience is what you'll most remember, the fish will come second."

The fishin' Wagon

St Marys Rapids boat

Our 21 ft Wooldridge Jet Boat outfitted with a 150 Evinrude was built to fulfill the needs of a dedicated fisherman. With an optional heated cabin for the colder months and plenty of seating for up to 4 occupants. The large area our boat offers, is more then capable of giving you the best experience on the water for all types of fisherman, novice and expert. 

Available Trips


Ben offers a variety of guided fishing trips April through December for a multitude of species including Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, King Salmon, Pink Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Walleye. With years of perfecting his craft, Ben has perfected different and interesting ways of targeting the fish population in St Mary's River which sets him apart for the rest. 

Learn more about potential guided trips and dates in the "Trips" column at the top of the page. 

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