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Spring & Fall Steelhead Trips

Ben offers both Spring & Fall Steelhead trips. Peak season for Spring steelhead ranges from March to June and can start earlier or further depending how winter fairs. Fall steelhead begins in Late Summer all the way to the end of December. Different tactics of fishing are used for different circumstances. For those cold mornings and chilly nights, Ben has the capability of setting up a heated cabin to provide comfortability and warmth for the anglers. 

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Summer & Fall Atlantic Salmon Trips

Ben offers both Summer & Fall Atlantic Salmon Trips for all anglers novice and expert using a wide variety of tactics such as trolling, fly fishing, and jigging. Atlantic Salmon are a prized species of fish and are like no other when hooked to a rod! You are guaranteed to not be disappointed with the excitement these spectacular salmonoid bring. The season for Atlantics typically is from July - November but can change depending on weather. 

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Fall Chinook/Pink Salmon Trips

Ben offers both Chinook/Pink Salmon trips from late summer to late fall. These fish are typically caught later in the day but earlier morning trips are available to catch the illusive and mighty King Salmon and its smaller cousin, the Pink Salmon. These fish are typically caught casting and or trolling/plugging and are a riot for anglers of all types. 

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Late Summer *NIGHTIME* Trips

Offered in Late Summer to Early Fall is the opportunity to fish from sunset into the dark for large Walleye, Atlantic Salmon, and King Salmon. The thrill of landing one of these large predators in the dark is a feeling not matched! Ben uses a variety of trolling tactics to catch all these illusive night-feeding species on light gear. Crack a cold one, watch the stars, and land some amazing fish with your guide Ben!

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Don't see a trip listed or have questions for Ben? Head to "Book a Trip" for contact information!

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